Sunday, February 13, 2011

83/87 Belly Slide Truck @ 9/1

I really enjoyed the Glaizer clinic this weekend in New Jersey.  Coach Rich Erdelyi put on a great clinic on new ideas with the Wing-T with mulitiple formations, Belly Sweep, and Jet Sweep.

I have not used the Belly Slide concept, but on the way home I was thinking of some new ideas.

The Truck play off of Belly Slide action and a double motion concept of the Belly Slide where the HB would go in slide motion, stop and set in the B Gap and then the opposite HB would go in 3 step motion behind.  I have not worked out the timing but I do think it has some misdirection potential in both directions.

1 comment:

  1. I love plays like this. "OL, SE, and HB, you guys run Bucksweep. QB, FB, and WB, you run Belly Slide." As you mentioned, the timing needs to be practiced, but it is almost as easy as what I put in quotes.

    Oh, correct me if I'm wrong, please.